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From our Facebook page – New New NEWS!

Project Pastiche is now Pastiche Foundation… we have filed for Washington Nonprofit Corporation status and should hear from the Secretary of State’s office in a few days. We’ve got a Federal EIN and it looks like the next step will be to get Federal Exemption.

This is really happening, people! We are blowing up like woah! We’re going to keep raising funds for surgical and hormonal treatment for Gender Variant individuals.

Other goals include establishing consulting practices for academic/business/communit

y/human services/mental health/municipal/religious/social organizations on Gender Variance. This will not only create a more just and safe world for Gender Variant folks, the funds obtained will create a drop-in center for LGBTQQIA adults in Olympia. We’ll also be able to provide crisis/preventative referral services for our clients, as well as provide peer counseling that can ease feelings of isolation.

One of our next steps involves obtaining grants for Pastiche. Do you have grant request writing experience, or know someone who does? Please contact me and let me know.

Do you know any Event Insurance providers? We need insurance for an upcoming Fundraising event. Please give me the person’s information!

Thank you again for being part of Pastiche!


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