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Transmen Against Misogyny

Hat tip from Backstage – The Actor’s Resource, pic from source too

So they’re making another rehash of 80s media–a live action Smurfs movie. Value-add: it’s got Misogyny! Tasty, tasty misogyny. Mmm.

The cattle casting call for ‘Sophie’, played by an 8-10 year old, describes the character in part as follows: “though always appealing, she is often socially awkward and doesn’t fit in”. As someone who grew up assigned-female, someone who has fathered an assigned-female child of his own, I find this entirely sick.

She can be awkward, intelligent, and not fit in, that’s ok–as long as she performs (is appealing)! Her older brother, he doesn’t need to appeal. But a prepubescent girl (in the same age range as my child, probably part of why this irritates me) is already being pressed into the performance model.

I dare say that is the single unifying characteristic of feminine gender roles–the expectation to perform. I asked a female friend of mine what it was that made women accept this sort of policing. Her response was thought-provoking: “[M]y initial thought is that it’s expected, and when women don’t go along with it, it results in negative social responses. so to avoid these ramifications, they go along with whatever will keep that conflict away.”

How is this enforced? It starts with gender training that involves teaching female-assigned folks to rely on socioemotional rewards for self-worth, rather than allowing them accomplishment in their own right. If you think I’m kidding look at the gender-based school studies that are ALL over the place. From there, it’s a matter of harassment for noncompliance. My birth name will always be a special hell. Maybe because I was a dude, maybe not, but for some reason I simply was not capable of performing the roles asked of me. From kids at school I got:

“That’s not a boy, that’s not a girl, that’s a Judy!”*

And worse.

This is why I’m a transman against misogyny (among other forms of discrimination). I don’t want ANYONE harassed this way: Cis or Trans; Masculine, Androgynous, or Feminine; Gay, Straight, Queer; Color, Class, Ability; whatever. Help me dismantle this element of society. Help me create a world where we raise people to believe they’re valuable in their own right.

*not my birth name. You want to know what my birth name was? Ask Calpernia Addams, she knows.


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