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Access to Healthcare is a challenge across the community due to employment challenges and the obvious medical access issues. This is also an example of appealing to the needs of others–my personal note to Mr. Capus, inset below, doesn’t mention trans issues. Instead, it points out to him why he should want this to happen.

Why is this a Trans issue? Trans and allied activists are working to get ENDA instated in the original form it was intended, with gender identity back on the table. You know about the section of ERISA that states that our needs don’t have to be covered–even though the same treatments are regularly provided to people who aren’t transgendered? Once ENDA and Health Care access are available, we can use the legal protection afforded by ENDA and the Health Care Access to construct arguments for Gender Confirmationcoverage! This process will be part and parcel to the rights, dignity, health and employability of transfolks–so I urge you to participate in this action and it to others!

Dear Friend, Americans’ lives depend on whether we pass the right kind of health care reform. So why is NBC News airing an infomercial that will spread dangerous misinformation? Rick Scott is the Chairman of a group called Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, and he has a history of disseminating lies and misinformation. According to the AP, Scott is “the former head of Columbia/HCA health care company who was ousted amid a fraud investigation that ultimately resulted in the firm pleading guilty to charges of overbilling.” His “documentary” looks to be an extended version of videos he’s been promoting over the last few weeks, which characterized as “misleading” in part because they misrepresented the opinions of a doctor who actually favors the public option. I just sent an e-mail to NBC News President Steve Capus asking him not to air Rick Scott’s shameful propaganda. I hope you will too. The text of my personal note to Mr. Capus is below:

Dear Steve, You may not think access for all to health care affects NBC News, but it does. Sometimes workers’ lives cost too much to have benefits taken out of their paycheck. Looking at the numbers, it isn’t always who you’d think. This commercial threatens your organization.

Access for All will lower the following financial challenges:

  • crime (reduced financial need = reduced need for crime)
  • SSDI cases (prevents and halts poor health, keeping more employees at work)
  • Welfare claims (again, health = ability to work)
  • HR expenses (less turnover at corporations, less paperwork, lower unemployment claim rates, and NBC can quit pitching in to their employees’ health care!)

Please don’t allow this commercial to be played–Access for All is a boon to your corporation. Thank you.

Please have a look and take action.


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