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New Theme (Tech Geek!)

I liked the colors of my last theme but the functionality was lacking. I could work on the CSS myself, but right now there’s no time. Maybe when school wraps up I can mess with that, but for now at least you can see everything on the blog!

So, hope you like this one for the time being.

Other tech plans for summer:

My site needs an upgrade like whoa. I know the theory of what I plan to do and all, just need to get it done:

  • Tighten up the links/remove spaces
  • Formalise and render visible the RSS, Digg, Del.ici.ous, etc
  • Find and implement further tracking abilities
  • Cross-implement across all sites
  • Hosting change that will allow combining WordPress with my site (Current Hosting wants more $ to do it, I Don’t Think So)… this is dependent on my dear friends at Memento Projects (incidentally, see Marketing below for more plans with them!)
  • Design, encode and provide banners of multiple sizes

Marketing Plans:

  • Develop and Refine Branding
  • Products via Spreadshirt
  • Sponsors page (already have one or two; talking to more, plans to contact more)
  • Cross-promotion with Memento Projects re: Tech sales, also adding them to the Sponsors page
  • Concerts/Parties to raise funds for the Project
  • Media contacts and exposure (nothing solid yet–until then, my lips are sealed)
  • Banner trading
  • Blogroll

A lot of these ideas (how to market, what is branding, etc) came from unwitting mentors:

Each of these ladies are incredibly talented,  multidimensional artists that maintain multiple projects and Get Things Done. Check them out, they’re amazing.


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